* MARITIME CONSULTING for Shipbuilding
  Small/medium ships for the shipowners all over the world at some potential and reliable yards in Korea and/or other Asian countries

Conventional and/or offshore vessels such as;
- chemical tanker stainless steel
- product tanker
- general cargo vessel
- car ferry
- container ship and
- offshore supply/support vessel.

* TRADING of the specialized products related to Shipbuilding/Shipyard operation:
We are much pleased to be authorized by the respective manufacturers to be Distributor and/or Sales Representative including partly the domestic markets for the following products:

1. Industrial and ship models - All Models made in Korea (Korea)
Web-album: Pictures of our recent deliveries are visible upon request.

2. SeaStem View CCTV Systems - SeaStem Marine Technologies Ltd. (Cyprus) as Agent in Korea and sales representative to Northern Europe including Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, etc.

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